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Chicomecoatl Statue from the National Museum of the American Indian

Chicomecoatl Sculpture

This exhibit is about the sculpture of Chicomecoatl located at the National Museum of the American Indian. There are pages on its iconography and materials, as well as a formal analysis of the sculpture. 

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Maize Deity (Chicomecóatl)

Chicomecóatl was a female deity whose rule over mature, ripened maize established her as one of the most prominent agricultural deities in Aztec mythology. At 19 inches tall and seated in a kneeling position, Maize Deity (Chicomecóatl) is a stand-out at the Metropolitan Museum of Art due to its larger proportions. The statue most likely served as a household idol.

This exhibition in the Aztec Art in NYC collection is divided into the following sections in order to provide readers with the most comprehensive tour of Maize Deity (Chicomecóatl):

  • A formal analysis of the sculpture, which is on display in the Mesoamerican Gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

  • An iconographic analysis and the object's visual relationship to another ancient statue of Chicomecóatl and to the Kneeling Female Deity, both of which are also on display at the Met.

  • A look at the object's compository material, basalt. This section includes a look at the use of basalt in Aztec culture and its symbolism.

  • An interactive iconographic study of the statue.
  • A map of the Maize Deity (Chicomecóatl) current location in New York City.

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Setting Sun God.jpg

Sculpture of the setting sun

A circular basalt relief of Tlalchitonatiuh. 

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